To write and to text

After 30 years experience with the written word I am extending my activities into non-journalistic realms and media. By writing I want to explore new spaces that enlarge my scope and give you the opportunity of fresh encounters with thoughts and letters. The milestones of this creative process means to have an independent mind, to verbalize, to structure, to write, to write out, to proofread and to correct. And I want to experience all these stages in dialogue with you.

Applications for printed matters

  • Your term paper needs to be polished. Or just a little bit of structure.
  • Your employees expect concise information. Or the media wait for a press release.
  • Your book publication needs an index. Or crisp headers for the directory.
  • Your presentation lacks subheadings. Or a good punchline.

Please note that I will use in all my services connected with writing the German language.

This Post is also available in : German

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