Supervision – Counselling with a destination

My third section of work is systemic supervision. In my understanding it concerns professionally oriented monitoring and counselling of individuals, teams and groups. In my work I consequently focus on my clients’ requests, first and foremost on those that aim at a development of their professional competence and expertise (professional and social). Starting point are your themes, your perception, your thoughts and your emotions.

You pay for impulses to reflect, not for advice!

Fields of application for your unique considerations

  • One of your most precious collaborators tolerates only a little criticism. And none from you.
  • Structural change at your working place leads to uncertainty in your team. As superior you are interested in a collective position-fixing.
  • Your boss suggested you do something good for yourself, for him/her and for the business. Notabene at his expense.
  • Your professional re-entry triggers contradictory feelings. Make good use of your time before your probation starts to sort your thoughts, ideas and emotions.
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