Welcome to the counselling section of my virtual SprachRaum

With this service, dear visitors, I would like to give you the opportunity to find out, whether you can find solutions for your issues (privat, business or neighbourhood) with the help of the methods mediation, supervision, counselling/coaching and systemic constellation. . The more precisely you describe or express your concerns and your questions (What do I want? What do I aim at?) the clearer I can answer.

First level

Clarification for your issue

Rate: via skype, telephone or in wirting (email):

  • up to 15 Min. no charge
  • up to 30 Min. 30 CHF

Second level


Rate: via skype, telephone or in wirting (email):

  • up to 15 Min. = 30 CHF
  • up to 30 Min. = 50 CHF
  • up to one hour = 120 CHF
  • more then one hour, per hour = 100 CHF

Please note that my offer is neither a psychological consultation nor a therapeutic support.

This Post is also available in : German

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