Insight by recognition

Parallel to my training to become a systemic orientated counsellor I also trained as a coach. I use coach synonymously with trainer. Like a counselling supervisor my coaching concentrates on the improvement of self reflection and an expansion of insight. Together with the client I try to achieve these aims through the exploration of new thoughts and the training of fresh perceptional and behavioural patterns.
Sorry, it was you who wanted to hear my opinion!

The only differences is that as coach I allow myself to express my personal ideas and thoughts in your field. I do not hold back with my suggestions – approaches – for solutions and advice. But only do so when I being asked. I only offer field specific coaching when I have enough professional experience and/or self-awareness. That means; mainly in the field of communications.

In order you can stay on the right track

  • You want to go freelance and you are looking for a critical tutor in order to be able to question your ideas in a constructive way and to put some light on your thoughts.
  • Your political career is under way. In order to find new positions you want your opinions and viewpoints checked.
  • You are entering your parents’ business and you want to juggle your different outlooks and ideas. So that all generations act in concert.
  • Your written statements to your staff trail off without reactions. You want to improve your writing style. In order to make your dialogue two-way.


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