Billy Meyer

Who am I or who is in?

I would like to know the answer to this question myself. Or rather not? Because if I knew the entire story I might have come to the end of my beautiful life and I might have to stop searching for knowledge and insights, two endeavours that keep enriching me so much. So far my life has been exciting and fascinating: I was born in Basle on March 21, 1958. At that time my sister Brigitte is already 4 years old. I attend various schools in Basle before studying at the University of Basle (economics) and in Zurich (industrial psychology). Conclusion: far too dry for me. Being the offspring of a father hooked on to and successful in journalism and a confident mother I enter the pulsating world of media. After gathering experience at various editorial offices I go freelance in 1986. Four years later I fulfil my dreams of travelling extensively and live in New Zealand for twelve months. It now is my heart’s second favourite place.

After returning to Switzerland I continue freelancing. I join the preparation team for Swiss Expo.02 and start working for several internet-site-sites. In 1999 I decide to enter another, very personal path. First I indulge in a meditation course paid by the Basle government. At the same time I start a training course for Supervision and Coaching at the zentrum für agogik ZAK in Basle. In 2003/2004 I commute to Cologne (Germany) to be trained as a family-constellation facilitator (Bert Hellinger). From spring 2008 to spring 2009 I complete the Advanced Studies Course «Conflict Analysis and Conflict Management» at the University of Basle. And it is here that I finally take my first degree! In August 2010 I again become a student at the Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz (Academy for Economy, Basel) where I receive the certificate as a trainer in adult education in June 2011.
Since December 2004 I have worked as coach and counsellor at my own office and studio in Basle I’m a member of the Swiss Federation of Journalists (imprint), and a Member of the Professional Association for Supervision, Organisational Consultancy and Coaching BSO .
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