Individual work – Systemic family constellations

German therapist Bert Hellinger developed the method of systemic family constellations, which is now offered in different versions and forms. They all include the idea that the representative figures (e.g. members of your family, partners, events, organs, aims, emotions and so forth) must not be represented through the actual people but can be represented through any people or through figures (e.g. wooden figures, stones and so forth). That’s how I work in my Sprachraum.

The stones are ready on the table

I offer systemic family constellation with stones on a table, with squares and round pieces (place holders) of plastic rugs. The procedure is simple. First we sit opposite each other at a table. Nine stones are on the table. Then I ask you to close your eyes and to let go. With a short meditation I’ll connect you with your ancestors and with your inner power sources. After this meditation you are ready to voice your request. Sometimes you only need a few sentences, sometimes more to express what you really are in touch with.

To listen and to perceive

I listen and I try, as void as possible (no judgements, no cultivation of hypothesis), to perceive which words and sentences have the highest energy level. When I feel in touch with what is really moving you, I suggest a constellation. If you agree we start. You first give names to the stones and then place them on the table. Always in touch with your issue you place the stones and what they represent in front of us on the table. The stones start to represent your inner picture. We start with your first picture and travel from there.

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