As a model of conflict resolution mediation is used in all contexts: private, business and social. A growing number of people trust in this method of solving a conflict. It uses people’s resources to resolve a conflict in a positive, civilised and humane way. I work mainly in the field of community and neighbours mediation.

A possible path to an amicably solution

Are you a caretaker, a tenant, an estate agent, a member of a citizens’ initiative for your neighbourhood or a landlord. Call me should you have reached the end of your tether or your creative ideas of resolving a conflict between two or more parties. Or, much better, call me before you have reached this point.

Potential fields for conflict resolution

  • Your noisy parties rob your neighbours or your tenants of their sleep. How many more times do you want the police at your doorstep?
  • The regulations for your common washing machine in your apartment building do not work any longer. You can do something to improve the image of this location.
  • «Should your dog pee in our front garden one more time, I will slash bicycle’s saddle!»
  • Your tenants have been fighting for many years. As a landlord you simply cannot separate the emotional from the factual.
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