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The English term „facilitator“ describes my work very comprehensively and accurately. Its translation includes of the work of trainer, supporter, agent and moderator. In addition, the English term also implies the work of a smuggler, i.e. somebody who by unlawful means helps people enter a country across borders that are closed to them. I am very fond of this last meaning, as I – as a tutor – like working in a slightly subversive way. This means that I regard it my task to create conditions where new thoughts can be „smuggled in“ that allow the overwriting of old patterns and facilitate the departure to new shores. I am convinced that we often experience the New, the surprising effects and the twists as „illegal“ and, at their moment of arrival, cannot imagine them being helpful in our future empowerment. That said, I aim at rooting the seemingly illegal in order to then convert it into legal behavior. I would like to support you in this process.

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